UGC Approved Journal

UGC Approved Journal

The primary objective of UGC in higher education includes providing financial support to universities for establishing and upholding ethical standards within institutions. UGC bestows recognition upon universities in India, along with disbursing funds to the recognized universities and colleges. The University Grants Commission (UGC) administers the National Eligibility Test (NET) to assess eligibility for the roles of Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellowship in Indian Universities and Colleges. UGC's headquarters is situated at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in New Delhi, with two additional bureaus operating from 35, Feroze Shah Road. Additionally, there is a UGC campus located at the South Campus of the University of Delhi. We are set to publish journal articles approved by UGC, particularly in the field of Computer Science and more.

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  • Revised Academic Instructions for Universities and Colleges
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Journal Approved by UGC

The list of UGC Approved Journals encompasses publications where emerging scholars disseminate their research articles. These compilations are provided by the UGC, and opting for any private journal other than those approved by the UGC renders the submission invalid. Currently, the UGC Approved Journals list has been superseded by UGC - CARE.

  • Create a paper with original content.
  • Submit the paper through the online platform.
  • Download the Copyright form and complete the associated charges.
  • Provide the necessary documents.
  • Upon receipt, the paper will be published within 3 to 4 days.

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Efficient and Smooth UGC Approval for Journals in 2024

In the beginning, only a limited number of journals were endorsed by UGC, Scopus, Web of Science, and Indian Citation Index. This expanded to encompass recommendations from the academic community. In 2024, the UGC web portal will be accessible to universities twice a year. .

List of UGC-Approved Journals for 2024-25

The UGC-endorsed journal list comprises 38,652 journals, predominantly cited in Scopus, Web of Science, and the ABDC list. Covering diverse domains such as mathematics, computer science, management, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and more, these UGC-approved journals encompass a wide spectrum. The 2024 list also includes abstracting services for the journals. UGC provides both free and paid journals for 2024, advocating for all domains through meticulous publication guidelines established by the journal committee.

Fluctuations in the UGC-Approved Journal List

The UGC-approved journal list undergoes annual variations. In 2019, the term "UGC-approved journals" was replaced with "UGC Care Journals." Responding to complaints about poor-quality or dubious journals, the UGC re-evaluated each title suggested by universities. Consequently, 4,305 journals were removed from the current UGC-Approved List of Journals due to issues like poor quality, inaccurate information, and false claims.

Publication in UGC-Approved Journals in India

Journals provide a platform for candidates to publish their research articles, facilitated by the UGC. The UGC's objective is to eliminate plagiarized papers that could compromise international research standards. Any journals found undeserving are subject to rejection.

International Publication in UGC-Approved Journals

The UGC-endorsed journal list, encompassing 38,652 journals cited in Scopus, Web of Science, and the ABDC list, spans various domains. These UGC-approved journals, covering areas like mathematics, computer science, management, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and more, also feature abstracting services in the 2024 list. UGC offers free and paid journals for 2024, supporting diverse domains through precise publication guidelines set forth by the journal committee.

How HMS Supports You in UGC Journal Publication

Our team specializing in journal paper assistance is dedicated to aiding you in crafting a manuscript suitable for submission to esteemed journals. We offer guidance for various types of papers, including conference papers, research papers, and technical journal papers. Many candidates prefer open-access journals for their publications, as it provides a unique DOI, and the copyright remains with the author. Our team not only helps you identify the most suitable journals but also assists in the submission process and diligently follows up on the publication progress. If you are seeking to publish in IEEE journals, SCI Indexed, Scopus Indexed, ABDC Indexed Journals, and other high-impact factor publications, do not hesitate to reach out to our journal assistance team.

UGC Care List

Expedited publication options are accessible

he University Grants Commission has instituted the Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics (CARE) to compile and oversee a list of high-quality journals. CARE members include Statutory Councils, Academies, Government bodies, and the Association of Indian Universities. The UGC-CARE List encompasses reputable research journals across various disciplines and is categorized into two groups. Group I Journals meet the criteria established by the UGC-CARE Protocol, while Group II Journals are indexed in globally recognized databases.

UGC prices

For publication of Journals in UGC-Rs 25000/- (This may vary depending upon the domain) For Paper Writing and Publications- Rs 50000/- (This may vary depending upon the domain

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