SCI-indexed journal

SCI-indexed journal

SCI indexed journal

Our SCI-indexed journal operates within the Science Citation Index (SCI), a comprehensive multidisciplinary citation index spanning over 9,000 journals across 177 scientific fields since its establishment in 1900. Recognized globally as a leading authority, SCI indexation signifies a high impact factor and extensive citations. Noteworthy categories within SCI include Science Citation Index (SCI), Science Citation Index Extended (SCIE), Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI), and Engineering Index or Compendex (Elsevier).
HMS proudly publishes 363 peer-reviewed journal papers, consistently broadening our portfolio with a focus on SCI-indexed publications. We actively welcome proposals for publication submissions, whether it involves transitioning existing journals, introducing new titles, or converting subscribed journals to Open Access. Fill out our form to submit proposals and explore publishing opportunities with us.

SCIE indexed journal

Our SCIE-indexed Journal operates within the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), encompassing 8,500 influential journals across 150 disciplines from 1900 to the present day. Recognized globally as a premier journal in science and technology, SCIE employs a rigorous selection process to curate its journal collection. The selection criteria for both SCI and SCIE journals are identical, ensuring a standard of excellence in the chosen publications."

Understanding the Distinction Between SCI and SCIE Journal Publications

The Science Citation Index (SCI) operates as a subset within the expansive Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), curating journals that excel in high citation rates within core disciplines. While both SCI and SCIE journals are accessible online, the difference lies in the format availability; specifically, SCI journals are additionally accessible in CD/DVD formats. SCIE comprehensively covers all scientific fields, yet it selectively includes journals with notably higher citation impacts, emphasizing quality and influence within the SCIE index.

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Transform your scientific writing into polished, publishable manuscripts with our expert guidance. Whether in academia, scientific research, medical or engineering fields, we specialize in navigating the publication journey. Our dedicated team of over 100 professionals spans Science and Technology, Management, and Arts, offering comprehensive support from start to finish.
We streamline the process of publishing in peer-reviewed journals, ensuring swift acceptance within defined timelines. Your paper's content will be meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous standards set by leading journals.

SCI-indexed journal

Our SCI-indexed Journals encompass both national and international publications, featuring a diverse range of reputable and emerging papers. Within SCI, a spectrum of journals is represented, encompassing those with varying impact factors, from lower to higher metrics. This expansive index houses contributions from over a hundred thousand publishers, including well-known entities such as Springer, Elsevier, and those listed in the UGC care list.

Assistance & Guidance for SCI Journal Publications

Our focus lies in shepherding research scholars through their academic journeys. Comprised of seasoned PhD consultants, technical experts, and editors, our team is dedicated to formulating strategies and generating innovative ideas for PhD candidates, addressing the challenges scholars encounter. Rest assured, we're committed to resolving publication hurdles for your PhD degree, ensuring a smoother path forward in your academic pursuits.

Types of sci publication

National journals

National journals are initiated by national institutions or societies within a particular country. These publications predominantly focus on subjects directly relevant to the specific nation or its inland matters.
International journals

International Journal Publications encompass discussions on subjects from a global perspective. These journals leverage contemporary tools and employ computerized software/applications to enhance language, ensuring precise word choices and sentence structure. Seeking feedback from language teachers further refines the content for greater clarity and impact.

SCI journal impact factor

The impact factor assesses a journal's influence by calculating the annual average number of citations received by articles published in that journal over the preceding two years. A higher impact factor corresponds to a higher ranking for the journal.

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Planning to write and publish a paper in an SCI-indexed journal:

Numerous researchers encounter uncertainty when deciding where to publish their prepared manuscripts and how to align their writing with journal standards. We have assisted over a thousand research scholars in navigating these challenges, ensuring their papers meet the requisite journal standards for successful publication.

How to publish a paper in an
SCI-indexed journal

Research paper writing help for
SCI-indexed journal

Publishing your journal can be an arduous journey, involving countless hours in libraries, Google searches, paper reading, writing, and navigating the maze of quality publications. After numerous attempts, it becomes clear that you could use some assistance. Achieving perfection in your research work becomes paramount, especially if your dream is to see it published in SCI.

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understand that your work must adhere to the stringent scientific standards set by SCI-indexed journals. Our team of experts specializes in SCI database management, offering comprehensive support to help you draft and publish research papers aligned with your project, whether for free or paid formats. Ensuring that your paper meets the exacting standards of the SCI Corporation Index, we provide professional searches, document information, and instant backup services. Our assistance spans across all domains and departments, making the journey towards publishing in SCI-indexed journals smoother and more efficient for you.

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Publishing in a journal affiliated with a recognized database, such as an SCI-indexed or SCIE-indexed journal, holds significant importance for modern scientists who have seamless access to literature through the Internet. Building a catalog of online educational databases is crucial for academic success. The mentioned databases contribute to the overall quality of scientific data, providing researchers with a comprehensive resource to explore, implement, and build upon scientific ideas. Our commitment at HMS extends to guiding you through each step of this process. Additionally, we publish a variety of open lectures covering diverse fields of research. If you are organizing an academic conference and find our services intriguing, we are here to assist you.

Research paper writing help for
SCI-indexed journal

Your work needs to adhere to the scientific criteria set for publication in SCI-indexed journals. Our team of experts manages the SCI database, guiding you in crafting and publishing research papers in a format suitable for both free and paid access related to your project. We will ensure that your paper meets the necessary standards outlined by the SCI Corporation Index to fulfill your publication needs. Utilizing this service, we offer professional searches, document information, and instant backup services, covering all domains and departments.


SCIE journal meaning

The Full form of SCIE is Science Citation Index Expanded, It's available online. Both SCI and SCIE are the same.

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When Share your Domain Name we will give you a journal list and time to deliver. Mainly Publication time also our team is well qualified in the Journal Publication.

How many days to finish the SCI Journal index?

120 to 150 days for writing its takes around 2 to 3 months for publication in SCI Journal Index.

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You will receive comprehensive information about the journal process via email within 24 hours. If the pricing aligns with the value proposition for your journal, kindly proceed accordingly.

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