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Paper Preparation Guidelines


Elsevier, established in 1880 with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a prominent industry in journal paper publishing. It provides data related to research papers in legal, technical, and medical fields to numerous scientists, students, and researchers. Annually, they publish a substantial number of articles across 2,500 journals, with an aim to expand their information coverage. The publishing process typically takes 90-150 days.


Location is a crucial factor in journal publishing, and IEEE recognizes its significance as a key source for researchers in academia, industry, and government. Publishing with IEEE ensures access to high-quality research. IEEE publishes leading journals, transactions, letters, and magazines covering diverse technologies such as electrical engineering, computing, biotechnology, telecommunications, power and energy, among others. ommunications, power and energy, and dozens of other technologies can be published in IEEE


SSCI, which stands for Social Science Citation Index, encompasses over 3,000 journals spanning 57 disciplines within the social sciences. These journals are indexed by both SCI and SSCI, recognized as premier publications globally. This indexing allows for targeted searches of articles based on subject, author, and journal, facilitating the discovery of ideas, innovations, and creative works through Cited Reference Searching.

Taylor & Francis

Under the umbrella of Taylor & Francis, a user-friendly platform, one can easily access essential data. Research papers authored by leading experts worldwide are available, published under prominent brands such as Routledge, Taylor & Francis, F1000 Research, Dove Press, and Cogent OA. The platform covers diverse fields including Arts, Behavioral Science, Bioscience, Built Environment, Communication Studies, Computer Science, and Earth Science. Designed based on user feedback, this single-destination platform provides seamless access to content, reporting, and analysis.

Wiley Blackwell

Wiley, a prominent society publisher, provides access to over 8 million articles from 1600 journals, primarily authored by international scholars and professional societies. Their diverse titles cover a wide spectrum, including life, health, and physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Approximately 27 Wiley journals have achieved top-category ranking, and the publisher is known for its long-term sustainability. The time from submission to publication for full articles is approximately 60 days.

InderScience publisher

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, InderScience is an academic publisher that oversees 428 peer-reviewed journals. These journals focus on various fields such as engineering and technology, science, management, public and business administration, environment, ecological economics, sustainable development, computing, ICT, and internet/web services. The submitted papers undergo a double-blind refereeing process, and the publisher also accepts conference papers for publication without any existing copyright issues.